Monday, August 16, 2010

Drama Dabblers, Session 2 -- Center Valley -- Day 10, August 13th

For our final camp day, we rehearsed The True Story of the Three Little Pigs one LAST time before performing for family members and friends. We are proud of our hard work, including the many plays we wrote.

You can check out our videos in a separate post.



Author Adventures, Session 2 -- Center Valley -- Day 10, August 13th

What a great end to our camp!

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Digital Storytelling -- Session 2 -- Center Valley -- Day 10, August 13th

On our last day, we wrote 25-word stories in our journals. Then, we filled out evaluations for the camp and fnished our digital stories. Finally, parents came in to watch our digital stories.

Our digital stories are about:

Kayaking -- Amy
Dance -- Amanda
Educational fitness program -- Kevin
Getting lost in the woods -- Bao
Making eggrolls -- Don
Soccer -- Bell
A scary night -- Shelby
Vietnamese New Year -- Jonathan
Geocaching -- Mrs. Bragg

Look for the digital stories to be posted on the Lehigh Valley Writing Project Camp's website,

Thanks, Amy Y., for writing this post.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Meeting the Nittany Lion

Wanna Be Writers -- Session 2 -- Center Valley -- Day 9, August 12th

Blog ideas by Tabitha

We heightened our senses by taking a smell of the "jar" then finding uncommon uses for a large alligator clip. Everyone practiced reading their piece for tomorrow's presentation, and worked to finish our horror mysteries to share in the response group. Finally we did a writing activity looking back at ourselves or fast forwarding our lives.

Friday, August 13, 2010

College-Bound -- Session 2 -- Center Valley, Days 7, 8,9

Thursday's post, authored by Walter: Today we started off by going outside and doing some inspiring games outside with cards that had random sayings on them. Then we brought class back inside to talk and write about the saying. To end the day we had a free write and then talked about what we learned today

Campers in the spotlight and what they wrote about today:

1. Eric wrote about risks

2. Walter wrote about being an individual

Wednesday's post, authored by Rosalie: We warmed up by free-writing about a quote that meant something to us. We then prepared for the writing portion of the SAT by taking a 25 minute practice test. Finally, we had a long period of free time to write and polish our pieces. At the end of class, we all shared an excerpt from our works.

Campers in the spotlight and what they wrote about today:
1.. Eric used vivid detail to describe his unique dog.
2. Kailea made us laugh with her story about eavesdropping on neighbors.
3. Gabby shared some interesting thoughts on being inspired by the lake.

Tuesday's post, authored by Kailea: Today we focused a great deal on SAT practice. Ms. Harlen gave us an essay scoring guide that told us how the SAT writing essays are scored. We used this guide to grade essays that were written for the SAT. Surprisingly, most of us were wrong about what each essay scored, which just gave us an idea of what to expect when we took the SATs. Later, Mr. Guffrovich from Admissions at Penn State Lehigh Valley came to give us advice on our numerous college questions.

Campers in the spotlight and what they wrote about today:
1. Emily asked Mr. Guffrovich an excellent question about how much the SATs counted towards applying to college: Answer-1/3

2. Gabi, Nikki and Abby’s group got the most correct on grading the SAT writing essays

3. Shelby made a fine statement about how we need to be aware of what we find as a good essay the people grading the SATs might think otherwise; we need to be aware of our readers